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With the International Patients Day Celebration at CHUK: Let’s accredit value to life

Patient’s life is too much valuable! So each one should know the value of those sick people by providing to them some tangible sponsorship and love. This help them to maintain the hope of life. Especially for the doctors and nurses who have the patient’s life in hands they have to know that their main responsibility is to protect the life of sick people and to give them a quality healthcare said Professor Theobald Hategekimana the director general of CHUK, during the celebration of international patients day on 11th March 2018.

The University Teaching Hospital of Kigali (CHUK) celebrated this international patient’s day at 11th March 2018, which is normally celebrated at 11th February annually worldwide. This day has been initiated by His holiness Pope John Paul II in 1992 in a way of confirming the message of Holy Mary to help and care more about patient’s life.

During celebration at CHUK, all present people were asked to value human life in general and to protect theirs too which is the foundation of all. In accordance with this international day of patients each one was requested to understand the pain of patients by providing some financial supports, hygienic materials as well as thanking warmly those who sacrifice themselves day by day to help the sick in getting the money for daily livings and medication.

“The life is priceless; every one of us wishes to be healthy. So, all should strive for a good health as it is the basic hint of all in life, we are gratitude to our partners who support our patients in various ways such as paying for their medication”.

Said Prof Théobald Hategekimana the director general of CHUK Bagambiki Issa on behalf of the patients reminded that at the Hospital is where the life starts and ends. And that anyone can reach there “Being here is neither a punishment, nor a crime, because if it was that, the babies would not be sick. The patients are ours, are yours let us approach them as they need us, Issa continued by saying that doctors and nurses are to be thanked much because of their care and hard work towards patients.

At the occasion the Adventist Group of “Eglise Adventiste Francophone de Kigali-Nyamirambo” provided 10 WHEELS-CHAIRS to help patients moving, Also the Church ADEPR of Kigali City provided 2millions and 290 thousand Rwandan francs to patients…From 2005 they supported patients of CHUK financially as well as giving materials equal to 130,840 000Frw. Not only ADEPR which provided the sponsorship but also many of people tried to help according to their capacity.

CHUK normally is known as the referral hospital which receives a big number of patients from different district hospitals approximately 75% of cases. So it is a challenge to take care of all the patients as some of them are vulnerable and do not have the capacity to pay for medication and even for their daily livings.
According to the report of Social Department at CHUK from January 2017 to February 2018; The people left the hospital without paying equal to 17, 050,789 Frws, Feeding vulnerable patients cost 4,384,000 Frws when Burial of unaccompanied Carcass cost 1,165,000 Frws among others, however, income from donors covered 50% of the social budget.

Taking look at this report, any one can realize how the hospital faces problems every day. For this, everyone Charitable and ones who can feel the pain of those patients would provide the support to help the hospital so as rescue those lives, because they also want to live longer.

The Patient Day is one more time a favorite occasion to raise the voice of our patients sharing their hard journey to recovery also a vigorous alert to take precautions to stay healthy. End