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Welcome to the Directorate of Research, established in 2016 within the Division of clinical education and research at Kigali University teaching Hospital (CHUK) with an objective to be a research led hospital. It is under coordination of the Director who is answerable directly to the Head of the division of clinical education and research.
Kigali University teaching Hospital (CHUK) is committed to provide a research environment that will promote a high standard of professional conduct by its researchers, and a culture of research practice that is ethical, competent, safe and accountable. At the same time, CHUK aims to create excellent educational resources through quality researches.

The research directorate is mandated to supporting and promoting all research endeavours necessary for high quality research outcomes designed to enhance medical knowledge and improve clinical practice. It is in charge of the coordination of research activities through receiving, reviewing and approving research proposals submitted for award of internal research funds and also monitoring of internal research-funded projects. The Directorate empowers the hospital staff to compete for external research funding and also coordinates the research conferences, training in research proposal development and extension services.
The research directorate has a research commission team that has an expertise in both clinical and administrative data sources and a comprehensive approach that can provide assistance in the planning, conduct and analysis of a broad variety of outcomes research projects.

To achieve the purposes of this directorate, the following objectives are set:
1. To enable an environment for development and production of quality research proposals and outputs.

2. To design, lead and deliver research projects, consultancy assignments and policy briefs that contribute to meeting CHUK core objectives of “making CHUK a center of excellence in clinical and applied research”

3. Identify and accord priority to key basic and applied research questions that bear crucial relevance to CHUK development needs.

4. To provide expert guidance to CHUK staff in the development and preparation of research proposals, contracts, sub-contracts, and agreements, to include budgets, documentation, and interpretation of funding requirements and publication process.

5. To identify and regulate internal research funding and provide equal opportunities and full participation of staff in research activities.

6. To increase the number of developed and sustained research publications by CHUK’s staff and students.

7. To promote participatory and collaborative research with local and international partner institutions.

8. To empower and mobilize the hospital staff to write proposals in response to calls for proposals made by various granting organizations, given the limited resources from internal sources.

9. To ensure that procedures of research conform to ethical stipulations.

10. To attract research funding opportunities (research grant awards) for research development through rigorous commitment to best practices, need-driven and innovative research enterprise and ensure the management of external and internal research grant awards.

11. To compile, monitor and document the research conducted within the hospital and report the research database on behalf of the CHUK management

The Directorate of research at CHUK welcomes collaborations with other institutions or other partnership opportunities that promote research and intellectual property generation and dissemination.


CHUK scientific publications
Research projects approved by CHUK Ethics Committee
Research proposal submission page
Research-related opportunities

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