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Pediatrics and Child Health Department

Pediatrics and Child Health at Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Kigali-CHUK is dedicated to the improvement of health of all children referred from all over the country. We offer health care services, medical education and research programs that address critical issues in children’s health.
Vision: Commitment to improve the health of children through excellent service delivery, education, and relevant research.

Service Delivery - General Pediatrics


General Pediatrics manages 86 bedded pediatric ward with approximately 1800 admissions per year. There is also a weekly follow up clinic for patients requiring ongoing medical care especially for chronic diseases in different subspecialties.
The ward is run by 1 consultant, a trainee Resident plus at least 2 nurses and undergraduates students for their clerkship.
We admit children with a wide variety of illnesses including neonates, heart conditions, bleeding disorders, oncological cases, nephrology cases, malnutrition cases, respiratory and other range of infectious diseases. Most are acute admissions from the District Hospitals under CHUK catchment areas or children coming from the surrounding administrative District in the Kigali City.
We are actively involved in teaching pre- and post-graduate students who rotate through the ward and are exposed to common pediatric problems.
Service Delivery – Pediatrics Subspecialties


The Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Kigali Neonatal service can accommodate 30 babies daily for inpatient care, of which 10 beds are within the Neonatal Intensive care unit.
A wide range of services are offered to babies requiring admission. Various levels of care and services will be offered to babies at or above 28 weeks gestation including CPAP, phototherapy as well as routine care of the premature baby and kangaroo mother care (KMC). Both medical and surgical neonates are admitted. Where necessary, babies will be transferred to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit also situated at CHUK in the Pediatric department.

Emergency Pediatrics

The Pediatric Emergency Care services at CHUK provides a combination of emergency, non-acute and inpatient care. It consists of acute pediatric emergency referral care cases with a 14 bed short stay admission ward. Patients arrive from home, referrals from District Hospitals, Provincial and even referral Hospitals. The Pediatric Emergency Care service, as part of the Department of Pediatrics and Child Health, is one of the main platforms for general pediatric training in both undergraduate and postgraduate educational programs.

Pediatric Cardiology Service

The pediatric cardiology service provides a combination of acute care of children in heart failure with a capacity of 8 bed. With our partners we offer cardiac surgery to some of children with congenital or acquired heart disease.
Our partners are:
1. Chain of Hope Belgium 3. Magdi Yacoub Foundation, Egypt
2. Chain of Hope UK 4. Rotary Club Chandigarh, India and Rwanda
5. Save A Child’s Heart, Israel 6. Mecenat Chirurgie Cardiaque
7. Chain of Hope, Luxembourg 8. Team Heart Inc, Boston, USA

Pediatric Hematology Oncology Service

The Pediatric Oncology at CHUK with 12 bed capacity is taking care of children with all bleeding disorders either congenital or acquired in collaboration with World Federation of Hemophilia and Association Franco-Africaine pour le Traitement de l’Hemophilie (AFATH). The range of diagnosis of children living with cancers are diagnosed and staged with a clear treatment plan in collaboration with Butaro Cancer Center of Excellence. With support of Ministry of Health some cases are referred abroad for a specific treatment that is not available in our setting.
Pediatric Intensive care Service
The PICU at CHUK is a new unit equipped and dedicated to take care of children with respiratory failure with 4 bed capacity. It is used for improving care of children and play a big role in teaching of Residents in Master’s program.
Overall routine activities in pediatric department at CHUK

Inpatients care
Outpatients care includes:
General pediatric consultation
Neonatal clinic
Cardiology clinic
Hematology clinic
Oncology clinic
Nephrology clinic
HIV clinic

Teaching of pre- and post-graduates students

Research activities
Mentorship activities
Outreach activities include teaching ward rounds at District Hospitals under CHUK catchment areas as well as follow-up clinics at community level for cardiology cases.

Working hours
Outpatient: every day from 7: AM to 5: PM,
For the inpatient and emergencies, the service is ensured 24/24

Head of Department and Our Specialists


Head of Department

Tel: (+250)788670200