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The CHUK Mental Health department delivers a range of care and treatment for the treatment of people experiencing common mental health disorders such as mild to moderate depression, panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social phobia and uncomplicated post traumatic stress disorder.

Mental health problems affect society as a whole, and not just a small, isolated segment. While certain groups are more vulnerable, no-one is immune to poor mental health.

Mental health problems are health conditions that are characterized by alterations in thinking, mood or behavior, but good mental health is more than simply the absence of problems.

Remember, taking time out to remember a few simple ways to protect your mental wellbeing could make all the difference. These include:

  • get enough rest;
  • make time for yourself, family and friends ­- talk to them about how you feel;
  • get to know who you are, think about and try to do things that make you really happy, and don’t forget to laugh regularly;
  • cultivate and encourage optimism in yourself and others, try to avoid over thinking and comparisons with others – learn to balance and accept what you can and cannot change about yourself;
  • exercise regularly, preferably with someone else;
  • limit your intake of alcohol and avoid cigarettes and other drugs.

The mental health department subunits are:

  • Psychiatry Service
  • Clinical Psychology Service
  • Clinical Secretariat

About the team

The mental health department’s team is made of Psychiatric consultant doctors, Psychiatric Residents, Mental health Nurses, Clinical psychologist and Clinical secretariat. The hospital porter, Security doorkeeper and cashier further support the team.

Access to the service

The access to Mental Health Care service is via the Mental Health Referral and Booking Centre.

Working hours

Outpatient: every day from 7: AM to 4: PM,

Head of Department and Our Specialists

Head of Department

Head of Department