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Dermatology Unit /CHUK

The Unit of Dermatology delivers services to patients from District Hospitals, Provincial Hospitals of the whole country and also those coming from other departments of CHUK to whom a Dermatologist review is requested for inpatients or outpatients.

Dermatology Services delivery:

1. We treat and prevent all diseases related to the skin, appendages (Hair, nails ) and mucosa membrane( oral and genital diseases other than sexually transmitted diseases): this includes inflammatory , and tumors of these organs)

2. We treat and prevent all sexually transmitted diseases (Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia etc…)

3. We treat and prevent HIV-Skin related manifestations.

4. We treat and rehabilitate patients affected with leprosy it’s disabilities

5. We deliver Dermatosurgery services for benign and malignant skin tumors

6. In patient services delivery to those admitted in ( Pavillon ophtalmo ward : room 8 : four beds ) and expert consultations to patients diagnosed with dermatological diseases in other departments of CHUK.

7. Bedsits teaching and of Medical and pharmacy students ,nursing students and Residents while rotating in Dermatology;

8. Research relations to skin and sexually transmitted diseases

9. Skin Anatomopathology (we offer special skills in skin, mucosa and appendages Pathology) to colleagues’ physicians, nurses rotating in pathology Department and patient attending Dermatology in CHUK and other Dermatology services from different Hospitals.

Dermatology Staff

> Dr AMANI UWAJENI Alice; Head of Dermatovenereology Unit
MBChB (UR), Mmed Dermatovenereologist (KCMU-CO),Msc Dermatopathology(Switzerland)
,Consultatnt Dermatovenereologist and Dermatopathologist

TEL: +(250)788455211
E-mail: amani _ alice @ ymail.com

> Dr Frida BAZIRISA ; Dermatovenereologist
Tel : +(250)788424898
E-mail: bazirisaf@yahoo.com

> One Registered Nurse :UWIMANA Claudine

Clinical speciality :

> Dermatopathology is one of speciality under Dermato-venereology and Pathology departments.
This subspeciality deals with skin , adnexal and mucosal membrane biopsies for diagnosis purposes using clinical and pathological ( microscopy features) correlation .

Head of Department and Our Specialists