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Social work service role:

Provide quality social care and service to patients and families through our unique assessment and counseling expertise, organizational skills and knowledge of systems and resources.

Provide leadership in the development of a plan of care, which takes into consideration the complex, psychological, social, environmental, and financial aspects of patient and family life situations.

Coordinate and manage together with treating hospital healthcare provider, family members and community the discharge or referral services to social cases.

Organize and coordinate, together with the hospital social steering committee, the annual celebration of patient day.

Manage the partners’ aids towards the patients.

Social work service consists of:

  • Social work subunit
  • Mortuary subunit

Working hours

Every day from: 7: AM to 5: PM, 24/24

Head of Department and Our Specialists


Head of Department

Tel: (+250)788540878
E-mail: marierose.nyinawingeri@chuk.rw