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The mission of Pharmacy Service is to provide pharmaceutical care to all patients through the responsible provision of drug therapy, for the purpose of achieving positive patient outcomes that improve the quality of life of our patients


1. To provide guidance in the appropriate selection, administration, monitoring and anticipated outcomes of medication therapy through DTC.
2. To identify and prevent potential drug-related problems and to resolve actual drug-related problems that occurs.
3. To effectively procure, distribute and assure proper control of drugs and medical supplies used within the hospital
4. To evaluate and disseminate information about drugs and their proper use to patients and patients’ families, the medical staff and other health care practitioners.
5. To participate in the education and training of health care practitioners regarding drugs and drug therapy, and to promote the pharmaceutical care philosophy of practice.
6. To initiate and support medical, pharmaceutical and administrative research
7. To make the medication process at hospital safe for patients.
8. To participate in different hospital activities related to the accreditation program
9. Compounding of pharmaceutical products

Head of Department and Our Specialists

Mrs. UWASE Damaris

Head of Department

Tel: (+250)788……
E-mail: damaris.uwase@chuk.rw