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Welcome to the Pathology Department of CHUK. The pathology Department is a 24 hours working laboratory. The Urgent clinical laboratory tests can be ordered after working hours, during night, week-end and holiday duties. The staff of Pathology Department is composed of 37 laboratory Scientists and 6 Specialized Medical Doctors (Pathologists). In the process of quality improvement and accreditation, we have National Reference Laboratory(NRL) for external Quality Control and partner to prevent interrupted services. Indeed, the laboratory is the process of accreditation for both WHO and COHSASA. Moreover, the Laboratory is certified by the following international organizations:

- United Kingdom National External Quality Assurance (UKNEQAS), International Quality Expertise, 2017 EQA.
- WHO invasive bacterial vaccine preventable diseases, Certificate of Paticipation in 2017 External Quality Assurance.
- WHO Rotavirus External Quality Assurance, certificate of participation in 2017
We are determined to meet the expectations of our customers for clinical laboratory and income generation for CHUK in the following activities: Diagnosis, Research and Education.

Laboratory Diagnosis:

> Hematology: Full blood count, Coagulation test and Morphology
> Histopathology: routine stain H&E, Special stain, Immunohistochemistry, FNA and Cytology.
> Bacteriology: Gram Stain, culture, antibiogram and sperm analysis
> Biochemistry: Blood sugar, Liver function, Renal Function, Hormones, cardiac enzymes, tumor marker and blood gas tests.
> Parasitology: blood parasites and stool tests.
> Immunoserology: Blood group and cross matching. HIV, Hepatitis, Toxoplamosis, Syphilis and others.
> Tuberculosis Unit: Genexpert, solid culture and Auramine
> Molecular services and Genetics
> Phlebotomy and Reception.
We communicate that all laboratory requests and results reports are done and viewed in Open Clinic System.


> Laboratory doctoral Research for PhD students.
> Collaborative research through international partnership (Institute of Tropical Disease Antwerp, Kingdom of Belgium).
>Final year research for UR students and CHUK staff.


> Training of MMed in Anatomical Pathology students.
>Training of Biomedical Laboratory Sciences students.

We are committed to have a comprehensive and high quality referral laboratory services for clinical, teaching, and research.

Head of Department and Our Specialists

Dr. MUSONI Emile

Head of Department

Tel: (+250)787681104
E-mail: emile.musoni@chuk.rw