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I. Nutrition Services staff

The Nutrition services actually has 4 nutritionists affected in different clinical departments:

  • 1 nutritionist in Internal Medicine Department and Clinic Pavilion
  • 1 nutritionist in ICU, Emergency,Neuro Surgery and Gyneco-Obstetrics Department,
  • 1 nutritionist in Surgery department , IZERE and HIV Clinics,
  • 1 nutritionist in Ophtamology Pavilion & also Head of Nutrition Services.

The Nutrition Services has also 2 Volunteers:

  • 1 nutritionist in Pediatric department and 1 in GO and Surgery Departments.

II. Daily nutritional activities

As referral hospital, we receive and select patients who need nutritional intervention in order to ensure the success of treatment and recovery, there are daily nutritional activities:

  • To participate effectively in ward rounds with multidisciplinary team(Health professionals),
  • To conduct nutritional education and counseling to patients and their families,
  • To provide dietary products to malnourished patients with other diseases selected in nutritional support program, hospitalized in different clinical departments,

    We use the therapeutic products aids from Ministry of Health such as:

>Therapeutic milk F-75, F-100,RUTF or Plumpy nut,
CSB or SOSOMA, Biscuit BP100,Resomal,TPN(total parenteral nutrition)

- To establish and adjust meal plan to Food Service for the preparation of Breakfast, lunch and dinner to vulnerable inpatients living with HIV/AIDS,
- To distribute supplementary food to outpatients living with HIV/AIDS according to the pre-established criteria,
- To conduct the nutritional consultation to outpatients,
- To supervise daily culinary activities and safety in Dietetic Kitchen and Food Service (Restaurant)
- To train students from High Education Institutions,
- To provide technical support to District hospitals(Supervision),
- To elaborate monthly, Quarterly, annual reports,
- Weekly meeting in Service and twice per month for Accreditation process,
- To contribute to quality improvement in compliance with international hospital standards (Accreditation Process) through clinical and documentation audits, project plan for improvement, guidelines and policies related to Food and Therapeutic Nutritional Services.

III. List of Nutritionists



Number phone

BISIMWA Jeanne d’Arc



KAYITESI Claudette



RUGAMBA Apolline






Head of Department and Our Specialists


Head of Department

Bsch in Human Nutrition& Bsch in Population studies
Member of Nutrition Working Group
RN-Registered Nutritionist 00050713