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Care Ambulance Services


With 1 ambulance care service coordinator and a fleet of 3 ambulances, CHUK Care Ambulance is the provider of choice for numerous referral and counter referrals.
The CHUK Care Ambulance Services provides referral services when the facility required is not locally available and counter referrals in case of continuation of care with specific diagnosis and indications for further medical and nursing care assistance.

The increasing demand for superior medical attention, has made patient referral and counter-referral an important administrative process that begins with a referral from a lower capacity healthcare facility to one with more complex assistance and diagnoses, and ends with a counter-referral to the original healthcare facility, with a specific diagnosis, information on the services administered and indications for further assistance.

To meet this need for health care CHUK decided to set up ambulance transportation services to take up day to day operational management of care ambulance services.

Mission statement of the service

CHUK Care Ambulance Service provides integrated, high quality, medical transportation to the communities we serve. We take care of people.

Our transportation services

Ambulances are fully equipped and staffed by two highly trained Emergency Medical Technicians. CHUK care ambulance service provides ambulance care 7-days a week, 24-hours per day throughout the hospital catchment area and the country.
All ambulances are licensed and inspected by the CHUK care ambulance service coordinator. In addition to making sure that the vehicle and equipment meet set standards and also the field personnel. We use the ambulance vehicles of NISSAN JEEP type and TOYOTA LAND CRUISER JEEP type which was recently introduced in the fleet. Both of these tools provide the very best in dependability, durability, and patient safety.

Our services :

• BLS transports
• Critical care transports
• Special events/standby services
• Community services

CHUK care ambulance Service has provided emergency and non-emergency service to the citizens of RWANDA.The hospital ambulance fleet has grown from a small, one to 3 ambulances tran sportation service provider of quality care ambulance services in Kigali, RWANDA.