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Located in the center of the vibrant city of Kigali, our emergency room is responsible to deliver high level of care on the national referral pathway. Our area of catchment is wide and serves the entire Capital city, Northern province and part of the Western & Southern provinces of Rwanda.

Our clinical staff is composed of 4 specialist physicians, 26 residents at different stages of training in emergency medicine, 3 general practitioners and 38 registered nurses. The department is co-managed by 1 Matron and 2 assistants.

With only 24 beds-capacity, we receive on average 20,000 visits per year (annual report 2016). Our clinical area is composed of a triage bay, 1 resuscitation room (4 beds capacity, known as Room 9), 1 post resuscitation room (6 beds capacity, known as Room 8), 1 observation room (13 beds capacity, known as Room 7) and 1 minor procedure room (1 bed capacity, known as Room 5).

The south-to-south cooperation with the other emergency rooms across the country (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Butare, Rwanda Military Hospital, King Faisal Hospital/OSHEN) is a key area currently under development in order to cope with the high demands for emergency room utilization at the tertiary care level.

1. Level 1 Trauma Center.
2. Level 1 Burn Center.
3. Tertiary level emergency room:
a. Medical & Acute Care Surgery.
b. Neuropsychiatric emergency (for patients with significant co-morbidities).
c. Pediatric emergency.
d. Gynecology & Obstetric emergency.

4. Urgent Care Clinic (urgent consultation during evenings, holidays, weekends: guided by SATS triage system).
5. Event Medical Services (First Aid coverage for VIP meeting, exceptional services i.e. medical escort for international transfers).
6. Disaster & Catastrophe Response Team (multidisciplinary design).
7. Care Ambulance Services


  1. For District & Provincial Hospitals, use the regular channels by calling the ER Main Reception on 0786828253.
  2. Red Telephone Network for mass casualties. A dedicated confidential number is used by authorized personnel to activate the “Mass Casualties Operation Protocols (i.e. Senior Hospital Managers _ SAMU _ Main ER Triage staff on-duty).
  3. General Patients’ Information: Call 252575462.

Head of Department and Our Specialists

Dr. UWAMAHORO Doris Lorette

Consultant HoD A&E

Specialty: Emergency Medicine and critical care
Email: dorislorette.uwamahoro@chuk.rw
Phone: +250788529480