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In its quest for excellence, CHUK started with Quality Assurance Unit in early 2002 and 8 years later expanded it into a Quality Assurance Unit, with aim to assure quality in the hospital and or coordination accreditation program, this was in 2010. Three cross cutting services fall under this unit namely; Safety Health Environment service (SHE), Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) service and the Resuscitation service. The mandate of this unit was manly to plan for quality management and improvement, maintenance of it in all services offered in CHUK; promoting health, safety and welfare of our patients/clients as well as staff and visitors; coordinate accreditation program and help to maintain quality at high level. The unit promotes good Hospital working relationship with its clients and also making known, the services available in the Hospital.

The overview for Quality Assurance Unit: is a comprehensive approach to quality management and improvement system, whereby looking the hospital as a system. Means structure, process and outcomes; this includes the Planning for quality and improvement, monitoring how well interventions are working by means of quality indicators data collection, data analysis, implementing and sustaining changes that result in improvement. The unit grow in September 2016 with the introduction of CHUK new structure, Quality Assurance unit grow from unit to a Directorate; where, from the three service the directorate have had one more service “the Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)” service which will have two staffs to follow the improvement processes of departments and units and build up the maintenance of quality.

CHUK is in the accreditation program since 2008 using Council of Health Care Accreditation for Southern Africa (COHSASA) standard, to help the hospital to be at a high level of international standard. The accreditation program enabled the Hospital to make a substantial progress from 37% in April 2008 at the first baseline survey by COHSASA to 85% during external survey of June 2014.

The result CHUK have got in the external survey of 2014 did not allow the hospital to get accreditation certificate, because of certain critical criteria which were not compliant to the Accreditation standard. The accreditation certification allow the hospital having consistently maintained compliance to the international standards in quality services offered as the main requirement of the accreditation.

The purpose of this program initiative is to develop and implement quality systems that will ensure CHUK is a Centre of excellence for the services it provides to its clients in the country and beyond.

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