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As teaching hospital, especially MATERNITY department, we organized the workshop to improve skills and knowledge of all staffs about main strategies to promote maternal and child health in our country. The main objectives were:

  • Promote the Family planning
  • Strengthen the implementation of Pain management both in labor ward and post op
  • Train staff on the use of Cardio Tocogram
  • Strengthen staff capacity on Basic life support
  • Strengthen staff capacity on Risk management
  • Skill up staff on the use of Patient Electronic Medical record system ( Open clinic)
  • Improve of Infection prevention control especially hand washing, waste management.
  • Improve techniques of Pre and post op preparation.
  • Aware CHUK staff on helping baby breathing techniques (HBB)
  • Show staff how to practice the helping mother survive (HMS).

Among presentation occurred on that day, the awe-inspiring one was on Prevention and Management of Pain in labor and post op. The pain during labor is controlled now in CHUK.

The workshop held in the department of Gyne&Obs. Different authorities of CHUK attended to that workshop. Patients and their respective care takers were taught about Infection control, hand washing, and risk management..

This workshop was prepared by Dr David NTIRUSHWA and UWERA Rachel as Head of the G-O department, Prof YEMI OLUFOLABI,MD as Chair; RM UMUGWIZAWASE Delphine as Coordinator and MARARA Alpha-Arsene as Facilitator