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ENT Surgical Sub-Specialty to boost the clinical package in remote areas

Surgical outreaches workload soften by teamwork spirit

Initiated since 2015 the CHUK surgical outreach program is more and more appreciated for its unconditional support to the local communities after experiencing the burden of diseases facing the long waiting list before getting surgical interventions.

One may refer to some significant goals of Surgical outreach program among others reducing backlog of patients in CHUK booking list, reaching patients on the sites so they are no longer obliged to take long distance travel from their homes to get treated , mentoring the local specialists but also giving hands on training to resident doctors working with the surgical team so they have opportunity to cooperate in surgical interventions:

In this regard quarterly the ending budget year at least 60 patients benefited from the surgical outreach program in five days what was not possible to manage in ordinary surgical settings at CHUK.

ENT Surgical Team at Gisenyi Hospital

Dr Ncogoza Isaie ENT specialist expressed his happiness to help patients at the same time reducing the number of patients waiting for surgical procedures, once contacted on field at Gisenyi district hospital. He noted that it is an opportunity to give surgical care to patients with frequent outreach programs working intensively

Dr Ncogoza Isaie ENT Consultant Surgeon (Left) and Dr Nyandwi JD Anesthesiologist (Right)

with anesthesiologists and nurses: Dr Jean Damascene Nyandwi is senior anesthesiologist heading anesthesia team in surgical outreach including resident in anesthesia, non physician anesthetists performing specialized anesthesia dealing with specialized surgeries and procedures.

Estimating the burden of ENT diseases in Rwanda Dr Ncogoza shown the advantage of new technics as the surgical domain is improving to easier the procedures regarding Ears Nose Neck and Throats cases including cancers , Trauma , severe infections and complications in ENT. Proud of the government investment through MOH to train more and more specialists doctors in different field, the number of ENT skilled doctors is increasing so they are deployed in different conners of the country to reduce the burden of diseases and the transfer movements from district hospitals to CHUK as long as CHUK is known as the leading public hospital in Rwanda but also main referral setting for ENT.

Now a decade of ENT surgeons are doing well respectively in Eastern, Western , Northern and southern provinces. Longtime solution could be having diversified specialists on sites with essential equipment, medication and consumables of surgery and let CHUK playing the mentorship role be it quarterly or twice a year for some particular “how to do” in surgery to support the local clinical teams.

By Pascal Mbuguje