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One week of Exchange to deliver High Quality Healthcare in ENT and Gynecology

Legacy of Hope Rwanda bringing more and more medical expertise at CHUK

Highly proflled surgeons doctors spent one week to perform up to 20 surgery major interventions be it in ENT and Gynecology , dealing with differents matters of ears throats and noses but also complications of maternal reproductive health sharing expertise with local medical teams. The surgical week has proven the goodness of introducing permanent medical exchange with consultant surgeons from United States of America and United Kingdom among other countries to deliver Quality Helthcare and Medical Education at CHUK.

Consultant ENT Surgeon Dr Montio M. and Doctor Josianne U.( right) with patient and surgical Team

ENT Surgeons from UK working at Nortingam and Robinson health facilities are ready twice a year to be treating complicated cases as far as they can be healing decades of people suffering from ENT matters. The logic behing Rwanda Legacy of Hope is to borrow , advocate and convice people to provide help especially up to date surgical equipments so that they can support medical colleagues and fellow human beings in Rwanda who do not have the means that they would require to have the medical care that they could possibly have. Seven years ago Legacy of Hope Rwanda is bringing different surgical specialties to help Rwandan citizens recover from their sikcness and training residents doctors at the same time. Doctor Josianne Umutoni standing with consultant Surgeon Dr Montio Morgan up picture (right side) and other residents like Dr Egar are the vivid examples of best perfomers of ENT surgical interventions after 3 years of exchange and medical training. Exchange of Knowledge, being together working together, brought up new consultant surgeons taking on the teaching that was given to them are moving forward to do more surgeries. In the given testimony Dr Umutoni Josianne performed an Ear operation with ENT Surgeon Dr Montio M. from England to improve the patient hearing and prevent him from discharging ears. More and more patients with ears and nose problems are being treated including those with chronic ear diseases in order from them to improve their hearing and stop their discharge so they can progress to hear better and be positive stronger workforce for the country after Tympanoplasty ENT operation to repair a hole on an ear drum : to explain they start doing an open operation, make a coat at the back or the front of the ear to obtain a graft to close the hole using the microscop thru the out ear canal , doing small incisions inside the ear with the advantage of very little bleeding and very little scaring with good outcome of closing the hole on the ear drum. Preventive measures to the population is getting medication early to recover before getting surgical intervention.

Dr Alexander Obo Consultant Gynecologist (left side) with medical team and operated patient
At the same time critical gynecology cases have been performed by Consultant gynecologist Dr Alexander Obo working hand in hand with CHUK local surgeons adopting minimal access surgery technics, laparoscopy and hysteroscopy saying that it is a privillege to be hospted by dedicated team of gynecologists especially Dr David Ntirushwa and Dr Vincent Dusingizimana, team of anaesthesiologists, nurses and midwives to design together surgical protocol in interventions like open up female blocked fallopian tubes, getting the female ovaries size on ultrasound to increase the chances for a woman to get normal pregnacy.
Dr Alexander added that at he experienced how medical team work contributed to develop a system of care to safer the patient what is high recommandable for any healthcare organisation.
At the occasion Dr David Ntirushwa explained how risk factors at the young age like sexual transmitted infections and other infections also congenital anomalies like obstruction of genital tract ; factors that all together can affect the reproductive health.

Prof Martin Nyundo MD (left side) with Medical Team and patients coming for operation
The Head of Clinical Division of CHUK Professor Martin Nyundo MD proud of the long partnership of Rwanda Legacy of Hope, said that the exchange has the main purpose of delivering high quality surgical interventions and training to local medical staff especially for critical cases selected from a long waiting list of patients to operate at CHUK. To conclude Prof Martin N. said that minimo invasive surgery adopted in gynecology surgical interventions has positive impact to help the patients to recover quickly and return back home. Also he added that ENT Specialty is one area of interest among others at UR College of Medicine and Health Sciences and its university teaching hospital CHUK that has a comprehensive package of treatments to perform then require such mentorship with Rwanda Legacy of Hope as long as the level of satisfaction is still low due to the high demand and transfers of related cases coming from district hospitals.
By Pascal Mbuguje