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CHUK-Setting Comprehensive Screening for Cervical Cancer and Maternal Hemorrhage in Rwanda

Up to 40 rwandan clinicians have experienced how to treat cervical cancer through scientific collaboration with Israel and US experts

The University teaching hospital of Kigali (CHUK) in partnership with “ Worldwide Healing hands (WHH)” and the University of Rwanda UR are supporting a training program to establish scientific collaboration for cervical cancer and maternal hemorrhage treatment in Rwanda, particularly in the CHUK.

A multidisciplinary team from Israel and US come at CHUK to help teaching how to treat cancer at its different dimensions especially cervical cancer supporting medical students , resident doctors and general obstetrics and gynecologists in Rwanda.
Clinicians, gynecologists, surgeons also psychologists, socio workers working together as team will spent two weeks to experience more on how to treat different cancer dimensions coming up to heal maternal bleeding disorders, with early detection of cervical cancer when basically most of the cases came later leading to surgery and chemotherapy treatment coming at its end stage.

From abroad specialists theoretical presentations and discussions , with illustration in the UR simulation center available at CHUK , whatever required is meant to practice for better cervical cancer and maternal hemorrhage treatment.

After two weeks of knowledge transfer and sharing experience initiated , a long time scientific collaboration for cervical cancer is expected, helping to increase Rwanda surgical management and early detection of cancers.

The multidisciplinary team from Israel and US has worked in different parts of the world, and coming in Rwanda for the first time to be in touch with local realities in this particular field sharing experience with lecturers from UR teaching and showing data about Rwanda to build on that to improve patients care. Steps forward is keep collaborating with WHH for assistance in more equipment to have machines in different hospital and health facilities to expand screening area for early detection.

By Pascal Mbuguje