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CHUK Pathology Lab unit innovations for better service delivering striving to maximize proper diagnosis

Much has been done to introduce digital pathology platform
The University Teaching Hospital of Kigali is the public leading hospital in Rwanda promoting cooperation with different organizations and institutions to deliver quality healthcare, education and research. Recently the pathology Lab unit has introduce new system to diagnose pathologies including cancers: Whenever the case was to get the second opinion as long as the Lab technicians were challenged using old system at CHUK, the new high tec digital pathology platform allows easy consultation with other pathologists regionally, worldwide , also it is easy for them to face special issues doing archiving with a accessible back up system .

This was the appreciation of Dr Gervais Ntakirutimana pathologist at CHUK after a three days training of pathologists and technical Team in partnership with Motik team an non governmental organization from Nigeria involved in healthcare promotion to assist the university teaching hospital of Kigali thru RBC Rwanda Biomedical Center to improve the healthcare service delivery training and research after successful installation of slide scanner in CHUK Pathology Unit.
Explaining how it works Dr Gervais N. said that for cancer diagnosis when you are perusing manually a slide you can miss a specific area by human error and miss your diagnosis but having this particular high tec the scanning allows you to explore a larger field and the probability likehood of missing a specific span during the diagnosis is very low and human error very minimized by slides scanner technology and its deep analysis material.
He insured that the initially gap to pathologist of working remotely doing alone analysis when missing the new technology is over! Now Chuk pathologists are working in real time with other experts so that they are not taxing the blame to get the right diagnosis having access to other expert opinions but also the use of modern technology help to overcome the burden of old equipment.
Dr Ntakirutimana G. confessed that diagnosis is user dependent having access to a system open for the whole world where senior pathologists have been diagnosing conditions for more that 20 years it is a great opportunity for the newer to be learning having exposure to best practices, in this particular situation of anatomical pathology especially residents training. The Hospital will be responsible to avail consumables to maintain and sustain the new equipment.
Proud to upload and share the slides, Dr Gervais said whoever has access to the platform has opportunity to raise a question and get response instantaneously therefore so much appreciation is given to Motik digital pathology system which simplified what could be diagnosed in one hour , now done quickly in 5 min having back up of digital pathology serving the public leading hospital CHUK.
By Pascal Mbuguje