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CHUK: 100 Years of Devotion to Rwandan Medical Service

"Your Health-Our Health to the great concern of CHUK after one hundred years of existence"

The Public Leading Hospital: the University Teaching Hospital of Kigali CHUK soon celebrates 100 years of existence as a health facility. Founded at the dawn of the last century as a health center, it has metamorphosed over time to serve as a district hospital, a reference hospital and, above all, a benchmark university hospital in the process of accreditation by 2020. The used infrastructure was rather rehabilitated but the medical service is by far as far in the sub-region as some might imagine.

CHUK offers you a wide range of quality medical services, with a staff of around 800 with 87 doctors including 51 specialist doctors and 397 permanent nurses, 200 paramedical health care providers and one hundred in the administration.
With a daily frequency of more than 1000 patients and around 400 hospitalized patients, the University Teaching Hospital of Kigali CHUK is the ultimate destination of the majority of severe cases of accidents and burns because it has a high quality care unit in the department of Accident and Emergency: "Trauma Center Level 1 ". In addition to the numerous accidents referred to the CHUK, this Public Leading Hospital treats almost all the complicated cases of diseases from district hospitals where equipments and medical know-how can not answer effectively in terms of delivering adequate treatment, as long as critical status of morbidity requires specialization and expertise in medicine; In short all categories of patients those from the majority of the population whose medical care is covered by the mutual health are received at CHUK.

In this context CHUK receives transfers from different horizons of the country including district hospitals that do not have the same facilities in terms of equipment and clinical know-how.
From Internal Medicine to Pediatrics and Maternity through Emergencies such as Intensive Care and Surgery, ENT, Physiotherapy, Stomatology, Ophthalmology, Radiology, not forgetting allied services of Laboratory and Pharmacy: The patient remains at the center of the concerns and priorities of the clinical and para-medical staff.

With this in mind, the University Teaching Hospital of Kigali CHUK is increasingly solicited for visits by various sub-regional and foreign delegations either to draw on its experience and good medical practices but also to develop a medical partnership or facilitate student internships for students in medicine.

With the celebration of the centenary by December 2019, the CHUK is planning an Open Week for more interactions, sharing and testimonials on good medical practices and future prospects with medical partners, representatives of the health sector, local authorities and the patient community. The CHUK core values are Transparency - Integrity - Professionalism and Excellence. CHUK started in 1918 as Health Center to became The University Teaching Hospital of Kigali in 2001 with the vision to be the leader in providing Quality Healthcare Services, Education and conducting Research: striving for Excellence in Africa.
Our leitmotiv is: YOUR LIFE IS OUR PRIORITY !!!

By Pascal Mbuguje PRO CHUK