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Welcome to the Division of Clinical Education and Research at the University Teaching Hospital of Kigali also known as “Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Kigali” (CHUK).

CHUK is one of the leading academic institutions in Rwanda with a large number of highly qualified and skilled professional staff, and state of the art infrastructures including a well equipped laboratory to ensure a high quality health professional training environment, and a perfect site for all stages of clinical research. Our unequaled recruitment capacity for clinical research, makes CHUK the unique place for clinical research of all stages and types. Additionally, highly efficient and integrated systems to support clinical researchers as well as learners of different levels and disciplines have been put in place to make CHUK a hub of excellency in clinical education and research in Rwanda.

The Division of Clinical Education and Research has the mandate to oversee and coordinate all efforts to boost academic and commercial research, and ensure quality in training of health care professionals. Specifically, the Division of Clinical Education and research is responsible of the following:

1. To promote an outstanding clinical learning environment based on the principles of high quality and safe care for patients and families, and serve as liaison between the Education Provider Institutions and the hospital;

2. To ensure that all research activities in CHUK including academic and contract research are conducted in full compliance with all applicable laws, ethical standards, guidelines, regulations, codes of practice, policies and procedures;

3. To initiate, and encourage the hospital staff to engage in academic and contract research activities;

4. To oversee the activities of committees in charge of Research Governance and Ethics in the Hospital.

5. To ensure that the knowledge gained from research conducted at CHUK or by CHUK staff members is widely disseminated and translated as much as possible to impact change in policy and practice.

6. To promote capacity building initiatives for staff development by organizing regular seminars, trainings and courses;

7. To plan, implement, monitor and evaluate the execution of planned continuous professional development, education and research activities in the hospital;

8. To create opportunities for networking and collaborative links between the hospital and other institutions with similar objectives in and out of the country. The services offered by the Division of Clinical Education and Research are executed through its two Directorates, namely the Clinical Education Directorate and Research Directorate.


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Key Contacts:

Prof. Dr. Florence MASAISA, MD, MMED, PhD
Acting Head of Clinical Education and Research Division
Tel: +250788650009
Email: masaisa2009@gmail.com or kabasius@yahoo.fr

Acting Director of Research
Tel: 0788546597
Email: belson777@gmail.com


Acting Director of Clinical Education
Chairperson of Ethics Committee
Tel: 0785466254
Email: erkamanzi@gmail.com

Mr Emmanuel Munyaneza, RN, BScN, MScN

Postgraduate Coordinator and Undergraduate coordinator
Secretary of Research and Ethics Committees
Tel: +250788213765
Email: emamunyaneza@gmail.com

Head of Department and Our Specialists