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The hospital is organized into ‘divisions’. One of these cover clinical areas - such as clinical service division and other are non-medical - for example corporate service and research & education divisions.

Each clinical division is managed by a team - usually a consultant and a senior nurse. Non-clinical divisions are led by executive directors. Every division has its own budget and reports to the hospital’s management team or Hospital Admnistrative Board.

  • The divisions are split into medical, nursing, allied directorates and up to the clinical departments and units. CHUK clinical service division offers a varied health care services such as:
  • surgical services, which include pediatrics, urology, orthopedic surgery, general surgery, plastic surgery, neurosurgery, ear, nose and throat surgery, ophthalmology and dentistry.
  • specialized clinics in nephrology, cardiology, pneumology, dermatology, oncology and endocrinology.
  • Nursing care services
  • Allied healthcare services

CHUK pediatric department has an advanced Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) where premature babies from other district hospitals, health centers and private clinics are given sophisticated care.

CHUK has the High Dependency Unit (HDU) in ICU and Pediatrics. The HDU serves as a transitional location for patients in less critical conditions than ICU patients.

The hospital has also established an oxygen plant and an uninterrupted power supply system with power full electric generators and UPS, which supports critical areas like Hemodialysis Unit, ICU, HDU and the laboratory.

The hospital receives patients from the countries throughout the region (CEPEGL, EAC...), such as Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda and DRC.

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