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Neonatology is a department of Maternal and Neonatology directorate that consists of the medical care of newborn infants, especially the ill or premature newborn. Babies at University Teaching Hospital of Kigali/CHUK receive comprehensive, high-quality care from our multidisciplinary team of consultant physicians, physician residents, nurses and others. We include all members of the health care team and the family in discussions related to each patient’s diagnosis, treatment plan and progress.

Neonatology Department has the following services:

  • NICU Service
  • KMC Service
  • Phototherapy Service
  • Baby Friendly Service
  • Emergency Service
  • Ward Clerk Service

Working hours,

For Neonatal outpatients and emergencies referrals from district hospitals, the service is ensured 24/24.

Head of Department and Our Specialists

Dr. Kumwami MUZUNGU

Head of Department

Tel: (+250)788
E-mail: kumwami.muzungu@chuk.rw